Engage is passionate about increasing access to and understanding of the visual arts.

One of Engage’s key areas of focus is advocacy. Through the annual Engage members’ survey and feedback from our members, we make the case for access to and resources for visual arts and gallery education across the UK to funders, policymakers, and the media.

Engage’s Director and other colleagues raise the profile of gallery education and influence policy in the visual arts and learning by:

  • Participating in committees and alliances
  • Taking part in consultations
  • Getting involved with campaigns
  • Publishing research and advocacy documents
  • Carrying out surveys of the sector

Through this work, in addition to our other activities, we want to ensure access to the visual arts, regardless of location or social circumstance.

Information to make the case

For information on the benefits of the arts and culture, this collection of research by Engage and our partners provides evidence of the benefits of engagement with the visual arts, particularly for children and young people.

Current campaigns

For information on how you can contribute to current campaigns for support for gallery and visual art education, see Current campaigns.