Current campaigns


What next? is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations across the UK, to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society. What next is currently championing the #Arts4Britain campaign ahead of the Chancellor’s spending review.

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Art in action

Art in action is a campaign from Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) which aims to champion the valuable role visual art plays within communities across Scotland – and to call for stronger recognition of this value when it comes to decision-making.

Click here to learn more or following the campaign hashtag #ArtInAction.

Bacc for the future

The Department for Education wants to make it compulsory for every secondary school pupil in England to take maths, English, sciences, languages and history or geography as part of the EBACC. This excludes creative subjects and risks forcing music, design, art, dance, drama and other creative subjects out of schools. Join the campaign and help save creativity in schools.

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Arts Council England has produced a new film that celebrates why #culturematters in 60 seconds. We hope the film will ignite the public’s passion for arts and culture; evoking positive memories and shared experiences. Watch the film below.

Cultural education challenge

Arts Council England’s Cultural education challenge is a call for the arts, culture and education sectors to work together in offering a consistent, and high quality, arts and cultural education for all children and young people.

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Paying artists

The Paying artists campaign was launched in 2014 in response to the needs of a-n the Artists Information Company’s 23,000 members to secure payment for artists who exhibit in publicly-funded galleries. In that time, they have consulted nearly 2,000 individuals — artists, curators, funders, arts producers, museums, galleries, local authorities and other public commissioners. There has been great support and willingness from all corners of the sector to help shape and see guidance put into practice.

See their website for resources and further information.