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Title Home truths
Published in Engage Journal Revisited
Published by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education
Publication date November 2018

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Richard Beales in response to Phyllida Shaw ‘Home Truths’ in Engage 11: Inclusion under Pressure (Summer 2002):

Issue 11 was my first encounter with Engage. It was also my first meaningful introduction to the emerging practices of inclusion/exclusion within gallery education.

On reflection, whilst I could have chosen many articles from the issue, it is Phyllida Shaw’s insightful ‘Home Truths’ that struck the deepest chord – as it still does now. This, a wake-up call to a sector with a deserved reputation for radicalism regarding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ (art and artists) was so curiously undermined by its conservatism in respect to ‘how’ and for ‘whom’ (galleries and audiences).

In so many ways a rapid pace of change ensued, and in other respects less so, such as ‘diversity of workforce’. Indeed, I might add the ‘agency of youth’. Despite some brilliant practice, on these issues, we still seem to be sleeping through the alarm!

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