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Title Researching gallery education
Published in Engage Journal Revisited
Published by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education
Publication date November 2018

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Helen O’Donoghue in response to Emily Pringle ‘Researching Gallery Education ‘ in Engage 18: Research (2006):

I first heard Emily Pringle speak at an Engage conference in 2003 when she was beginning to ask critical questions about how educators’ work in galleries is constructed and — more importantly — understood.

This article, published a few years later, in 2006, developed those questions and opened out her interrogation of artists’ practice as educators. I was excited on reading it as I was researching for my MLitt. thesis and the ideas in this article significantly informed my own critical analysis of the education programmes that I was working on at IMMA. This article prompted an ongoing professional exchange between us and our institutions which has been enriching and inspiring.

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