Engage central office

Our central office team are now working remotely. Our phone line is currently closed, and we ask that for the time being, please contact staff via the email addresses and phone numbers below, or by contacting 

Jane Sillis, Director
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (0) 7483 319 879  
Eleanor Young, Executive Assistant and Office Coordinator
Office hours: Monday – Thursday 44 (0) 7483 320 043
Lillie Mason, Business Development and Marketing Coordinator
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 44 (0) 7483 320 046
Alison Unsworth, Creative
Adrian Harper, Interim Finance and Governance 

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Engage Scotland

Office hours: Monday – Wednesday

Sarah Yearsley, Engage Scotland

Engage Scotland Website | Engage Scotland Facebook | Engage Scotland Twitter

Engage Cymru

Angela Rogers, Engage Cymru Coordinator +44 (0)1834 870121

Engage Cymru Website | Engage Cymru Facebook