Felicity Allen

Felicity Allen is an artist, writer and educator. She is currently artist in residence at Turner Contemporary, Margate, where she is making dialogic portraits with women whose work has contributed to a disturbance in notions of artistic practice. Work from her five-year dialogic portraits project, Begin Again, is being exhibited alongside the book Begin Again Chronicles. Aspects of this production contribute to the PhD by Public Works (Middlesex University) on which she is working. Felicity has consistently been involved with education, mostly informal, but has also taught in British art schools, notably Goldsmiths and Winchester. Since leaving Tate Britain in 2010, where she ran the education department, her publications have included Education (Documents of Contemporary Art, Whitechapel/MIT, 2011), The Installation and a series of articles on gallery education produced from a guest scholarship at the Getty Research Institute in 2011. She was founding editor of the engage Journal. (Updated 2014)