Tom Goddard

Tom Goddard is an artist and Learning and Participation Officer at Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Wales, which aims to provide consistent excellence in its Learning, Participation and Engagement programmes both on and off-site. Learning at the Glynn Vivian has been recognised for its high quality and innovative approach both nationally and internationally. Tom was recently the first artist in residence at BBC Wales shadowing the Health Correspondent and creating Bulletin, which was featured on The Space. The Life, Death and Afterlife of Lizzie the Elephant, (2014) was a three part eulogy mixing image, film, performance and participation for Locws’ 2014 Art across the City alongside Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller. In 2011 he was awarded one of the inaugural Marsh Awards for Excellence in Gallery Education. Tom was awarded a Creative Wales Award for which he will research and develop ways of bridging the gap between his practice and his education role by investigating and developing the use of film and moving image in his work. He will also be Wales’ representative for Standpoint Futures in London later this year.  (Updated 2015)