How do I access the Engage Journal?

If you have purchased a subscription or access to a single issue of the Engage Journal and are having trouble accessing the Journal, download our step-by-step guide.

Are all issues available online?

Yes, all issues are available online in either a PDF or online publication. Where available, PDFs can be downloaded from the article or issue page.

Are any issues available in print?

For Issues 28–42, subscribers and Engage members have the option of visiting lulu.com, via a link on the journal drop-down menu (accessed via clicking on three vertical lines on the top right-hand side of the purple header), and paying a small fee in order to print a bound copy of the journal, which will then be posted to you. Please note that this service is not provided by Engage so any queries will need to be directed to lulu.com’s support department.

Screenshot example for how to purchase a print copy for Issues 28-42.
Step 1. Visit the issue of the journal you would like to purchase in print.

Step 2. Click on the 3 lines on the purple banner to expand the menu.

Step 3. Select the option ‘Purchase a hard copy’ and you will be taken to lulu.com’s website. Follow the steps on their site.

Access to the journal gives you the option to print single issues as PDFs or text using your printer.

Why are the prices different for libraries and Engage members?

The price for a library subscription is higher than for an Engage member in recognition of the higher number of users. With a library subscription, any number of users can be logged in at one time.

Should I subscribe or become a member of Engage?

Individuals or organisations with up to ten users are encouraged to join Engage as an individual or organisational members and access the journal as part of their membership benefits. Institutions such as universities or libraries will need to subscribe in order to access the journal in recognition of the high volume of users who will be accessing the journal.

How many issues are produced every year?

Engage usually publishes two issues every year.

How many issues will I get access to if I subscribe?

You’ll get digital access to the full Engage Journal archive in either PDF format or our online reader (including the most recent issues) until you decide to cancel your subscription.

How do I subscribe?

Please visit this page for full details.

Can my library access the journal via a single sign-on infrastructure?

Not yet, but suggestions are welcome. If you’d like to see this journal on MyAthens or to subscribe via JISC Collections for example, please let us know.

How do I renew my subscription?

Once your subscription starts, there’s no need to renew it. We’ll send you an invoice annually, just let us know if you don’t want to continue.

Once I’ve subscribed or joined Engage, is my access permanent?

No, you’ll lose access to the issues you were a subscriber for. If you become an Engage member and your membership lapses, you will lose access to the journal.

Can I buy a single issue?

Yes, single issues can be purchased for £10 for an individual, £25 for an organisation or £50 for a library.

Can I buy a single article?

We don’t currently offer this facility. Engage members and subscribers can download single articles as pdfs.

Do prices include tax and postage?

All publication prices are inclusive of tax and any postage charges for hard copy publications, although we reserve the right to charge postage for orders of 10+ publications outside the UK.

How can I pay?

You can purchase your subscription or purchase a single issue online here. Engage accepts payment by credit/debit card, cheque (UK only) and via PayPal.

Institutions can order access to the journal using their subscription agent, or can be invoiced directly by Engage. Please contact us for details.

How do I download PDFs?

Members or subscribers can download PDFs or articles once logged in. You will need a (freely available) PDF Reader in order to open this document. PDFs are only available for issues 1–42.

I’m logged in, but I can’t access an issue.

If you are a member or subscriber you should be able to access it. If problems persist, contact us.

I can’t remember my username or password.

Request a reminder if you are an Engage member, or contact us if you are a subscriber.

I previously purchased a copy of the Engage Journal — how can I access my purchase?

If you have previously purchased a copy of the Engage Journal, you were emailed a PDF of the journal issue in 2019 and will no longer have online access to the journal. If you did not receive your PDF copy, email info@engage.org.

I previously had a subscription to the Engage Journal — how can I access my subscription?

Libraries or organisation whose subscription has expired will need to purchase a new subscription. Our Journal subscription now gives subscribers digital access to the full Engage Journal archive in either PDF format or our online reader for £100 per annum. If you have not renewed your subscription, you will no longer have access to the Engage Journal. Your organisation will have received PDFs copies of the Engage journal in recognition of your previous subscription. You are welcome to add these to your digital catalogue.

If you have a current subscription and cannot access the journal, contact info@engage.org.

How do I cite the Engage journal?

Click on the article and click the ‘Cite this article’ link at the top of the page.

Can I contribute to the Engage journal?

An open call for contributions is issued by Engage about every six months. Follow Engage on Twitter or sign up to our quarterly Spotlight emails to be kept updated.

Why did Engage decide to go online?

The decision to move the Engage journal to a primarily online format was taken following discussions with Engage’s members, subscribers, Board of Trustees, Editorial Advisory Board and staff. The move was made for several reasons — an online journal is more cost-efficient and ensures that resources are available for membership services and activities; reduces the environmental impact of print production, and increases readership and accessibility. The digital format provides interesting opportunities to explore images and video as well as the high-quality content the journal is known for. We hope that members and subscribers will feel that the various options now on offer are accessible, interactive and easy to use. Please feel free to email us your thoughts, comments or suggestions.

How do I contact Engage?

Visit this page for details. Please note that the Engage office is normally open 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Thursday. Our team will endeavour to respond to emails within 72 hours.


We welcome comments about the online journal. If you have thoughts about the journal’s content or accessibility please email info@engage.org.