100 Buttercups

Several years ago, Fife Contemporary worked with artist Laurie Clark on her project with David Bellingham (WAX366) ‘100 Buttercups’. Over 100 days, Laurie made 100 drawings of 100 unique buttercups in a field close to her home in Fife, which were then published by David as a limited edition book. To accompany the book’s launch, Laurie gave a drawing workshop to pupils at a local primary school, and we devised an education pack – one for primary-aged children, and one for secondary students.

The education packs, 30+ pages in each, contain details of art & design activities, as well as cross-curricular ideas, which are all inspired by Laurie’s project. Laurie viewed her drawings as portraits of buttercups, and so the primary pack art & design section starts with ideas about observational drawing and portraiture, for example. This is expanded further in the secondary pack, such as looking at artists’ books and even jewellery-making. Cross-curricular ideas include word games and researching the ecology of wild flowers.

As part of Engage’s Children’s Art Week 2020, we are inviting young people to download a free copy of a pack and have a go at some of the activities inside. Anyone interested can then email us an image of something they’ve drawn or made and we’ll add it to our website later in the summer.

This event is open to the public.