Afternoon tea break with Engage London

Please join our first online social event for Engage members currently working, furloughed or freelance.

In these uncertain times, we are keen to create a space for people to meet, socialise and share thoughts about current working and living conditions to inspire creativity and keep ourselves connected. 

This is designed to be an informal chat rather than a traditional meeting with the hope we can continue to support each other with useful tips and resources. To help kick start the conversations we have 3 talking points to consider in advance:

  • How can Engage support you? (eg. As a meeting space, with creative ideas, with case study talks, with CPD courses?)
  • Think of an article/project/object that you have engaged with recently and bring it with you to share.
  • What current project are you working on (either professionally or personally)? Have an example to share with the group.

We are aiming to have a collection of articles/books/projects that can begin a reference library that could help members get some creative inspiration and move forward with their projects or thinking. We will be connecting using Zoom, and if there is enough demand we will break out into smaller groups to enable more informal conversations.

Attendees are welcome to bring a hot beverage and a biscuit!