Afternoon tea break with Engage

Following on from our last tea break, please join our next online social event for any Engage members currently working, furloughed or freelance.

In these uncertain times we are keen to create a space for people to meet, socialise and share thoughts about current working and living conditions to inspire creativity and keep ourselves connected.

We hope this is a space to connect with other peers, share challenges and ways of working and support each other to move forward with our practice as learning professionals in a positive way. In light of museums and galleries starting to think about re-opening we want to focus the conversation on the following areas:

  • Wellbeing – what methods have you used to keep yourself positive? What methods would support anxious colleagues, participants and audiences?
  • Remote engagement – learning programmes have often relied on small gatherings and close proximity to artworks and each other, but what methods have you used to engage participants at a distance? What radical method would you like to try both in-gallery and offsite?

We are aiming to build a menu of methodologies that can be shared post meeting and hopefully expand our thinking about what participation and engagement can look like in the future. We will be connecting using Zoom, and if there is enough demand we will break out into smaller groups to enable more informal conversations.

Bring a hot beverage and a biscuit!

Please note that you will receive the Zoom link one day prior to the event.