ART Evolution Youth Arts Programme: Freelance Evaluator

Engage Scotland seeks to appoint a freelance evaluator to evaluate ART Evolution, its exciting new visual arts programme with young people.

ART Evolution is supported by Creative Scotland. One of the three ART Evolution projects will be supported by The Fleming Collection.

ART Evolution is Engage Scotland’s exciting new collaborative and responsive programme supporting young people aged 16 – 25, freelance artists, creative educators, and visual arts organisations/galleries as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2021 Engage Scotland undertook a scoping and consultation exercise, to understand what support the visual arts sector needs to ensure inclusive engagement with young people, as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings from the scoping phase are available on the to view.

The next phase of ART Evolution aims to support the sector to tackle some of the challenges and barriers; but also explore some new ideas/approaches; around engaging young people with the visual arts, as identified in the scoping report.

Engage Scotland will support 3 visual arts organisations/galleries across Scotland to deliver a co-produced project with young people as part of the ART Evolution youth arts programme. Each partner will deliver an exemplar, youth-led visual arts project that engages with young people aged 16 – 25; including an associated, paid youth traineeship;
and fairly-paid opportunities for freelance artists/creative educators.

The freelance evaluator will be fully briefed about the project by the Engage Scotland Coordinator and will work closely with the Freelance Youth Arts Coordinator.

Purpose of evaluation
The evaluation aims to support the funded organisations to undertake evaluation and provide an overall evaluation of the extent to which the activity they have undertaken met the aims of the ART Evolution programme. This evaluation will also provide information to feed into the evaluation and reporting of the overall programme to Engage Scotland and our funders, Creative Scotland and The Fleming Collection.

Freelance Evaluator brief:

  • To introduce the evaluation approach and methodology and provide support for funded partners to identify and adopt appropriate evaluation techniques from the early stages of their activity with young people, (all venues will be expected to deliver online/virtual and/or in-person activities in accordance with government advice at the time in relation to the coronavirus pandemic).
  • Evaluate the processes associated with ART Evolution
  • Evaluate the extent to which ART Evolution delivers to its aims and anticipated outcomes
  • Record the views of stakeholders and partners
  • Consider areas that went well and other areas that could be improved
  • To analyse data and produce a draft report and three case studies drawing from each of the three projects, to be reviewed by Engage Scotland
  • To produce a final report.
  • To produce an executive summary from the final report, including recommendations which may inform future youth arts work in the visual arts sector in Scotland, to be shared on the Engage website.


It is anticipated that the emphasis of the evaluation will be on collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. An important element of ART Evolution is the involvement and engagement of young people and we anticipate that young people will be involved with the project evaluation too.

The Freelance Evaluator will be expected to refine a set of research questions and develop appropriate research methods for collection and analysis of data, including (for example):

Observation of meetings and workshops as appropriate; Semi-structured interviews, Focus groups, Surveys/questionnaires

The Freelance Youth Arts Coordinator and Engage Scotland Coordinator will make available relevant materials and documentation as required and will provide guidance and support through all aspects of the programme ensuring that programme participants, and other stakeholders are aware of their roles in contributing to the evaluation process.

Timescales and outputs
ART Evolution activity will take place between September December 2021 , with evaluation development and planning taking place in August 2021.

A draft evaluation report must be delivered by Monday 21 February 2022 and a final report delivered by Friday 11 March 2022 .

£4,500 is available for the Freelance Evaluator fee (inclusive of expenses and VAT). The Freelance Evaluator is responsible for their own tax and National Insurance.
This contract is open to freelancers based in Scotland.
Payments will be made up on completion of deliverables as set out below:
Payment 1: Submission and approval of proposed evaluation methodology by Tuesday 3 1 August 2021 – £500
Payment 2: Delivery of draft evaluation report and case studies by Monday 21 February 2022 – £1,500
Payment 3: Delivery of final draft, executive summary, and case studies by Friday 11 March 2022 – £1,500

Tender submission requirements

Please provide a CV and a tender that includes the following information, in not more than 2,000 words:

  • Why you are interested in this contract and how your previous experience equips you to do this piece of work
  • An outline of your approach to the evaluation
  • An outline of timescales and key milestones in respect of the evaluation
  • A summary of two similar evaluations which you have conducted
  • Evidence of your skills, knowledge and experience in respect of an evaluation of this type
  • Contact details for two individuals who can provide references for similar work
  • Your completed tender and CV should be returned by email to Sarah Yearsley, Engage Scotland Coordinator, [email protected] by 10am on Wednesday 7 July 2021

Please use ART Evolution Freelance Evaluator in the email subject line.
Interviews will take place via Zoom w /c 12 July 2021.

Please call Sarah Yearsley, Engage Scotland Coordinator on 07398 034044 (Mon Wed) if you would like an informal discussion about this role.