Big Little Exhibition

This year we will celebrate three weeks of visual arts, culture and literacy.   

Celebrating Colours of Nature by connecting with generations and diversity of cultures within Redbridge, significant to different cultures and communities.

We will be running art competitions for three weeks and by the end of each week, we will announce a winner.

Week 1: Plants & Human Culture

Historically, plants serve an intimate role in human culture. They influence language, art and literature, performing arts and modern mass media, politics and world events. Plants serve as symbols in many celebrations and rituals such as holidays, weddings, and funerals. Some plants symbolically represent a country as its national symbol.

Let’s celebrate the diverse community of Redbridge by painting, drawing or creating 3D form of your cultural plants and flowers.

Let’s celebrate their significance through visual art.

Week 2. Art & Language

Connecting across generations through the celebration of Bilingualism.

Create art and promote, the mother tongue you speak at home.

Write “Art” in your mother language and paint around it. For example One word in Robert Indiana style. 

Week 3: Art & Literacy 

Change a story or recreate a book cover.

1. Choose your favourite book and write an alternative ending(s) for it.


2. Choose your favourite book and re-design its cover.

Let’s celebrate change through books and the way how we all are different; have different lifestyle and different way of thinking and understanding the world around us.

SEN children 

Children can submit art on the above themes or create whatever pleases them.

To support sen children with extra needs, we have created packs which parents or carer might find it easier to engage them with and help SEN children to take part. 

Please email us if you want your child to participate; we will post the pack with instructions and materials. 

We only have 20 packs, so it is on a first come first serve basis.

Parents or guardian can contact us; we can give guidance on how your child can participate.

Please email us at


Families of children under the age of 5 years old can create art together and submit as a family. 

As lockdown is lifting, we will have an exhibition opportunity with  Redbridge libraries celebrating by giving exhibition opportunity.

We will confirm when the exhibition will take place and how you will be able to participate.

Each week, visit our website where we will be posting prompts as video tutorials and PDFs to support you. 

To take part to send us an email at 

This event is open to the public.