Call for Interview Participants: Research on Conducting Sex Education in Museums

I am a PhD researcher seeking museum professionals to take part in interviews for a research project on conducting sex and relationships education in museums. The research is specifically interested in programmes that prioritise encouraging sex positivity from an emotional, psychological and social angle; using museums to help audiences explore issues like:

  • personal autonomy and expressing, seeking and respecting consent,
  • reducing shame and stigma,
  • tackling prejudice, inequality, and judgement of ourselves and others,
  • celebrating sexual practices and spectrums with open communication and willingness to learn, and
  • developing a caring, exploratory, understanding and respectful attitude to ourselves and others.

Related topics, such as sexual health and safety, body image, and LGBTQ+ identity are also of interest. Interviews will explore the professional experience of conducting this work – the emotional and organisational journey of conception, development and evaluation – rather than critiquing the work itself or its audience impact (though this will likely be relevant in some questions). Interviews will be semi-structured, guided thematically, but with plenty of room to explore whatever participants most want to discuss. They are expected to last 30-60 minutes and will be conducted by phone or video call, though this is fully flexible to participant needs and scheduling.

If you would be interested in participating in an interview, please contact Holly Bee, University of Leicester on