Carnival Metamorphosis – Creative Masks

The course involves a module in Carnival Arts for participants to develop concepts around the theme Metamorphosis. The theme will examine the concept of starting out life in one form or Habitat and changing to something very different….

  • Printing project in order for participants to design pieces that would show an individual creative response.
  • Introducing high-resolution images of Metamorphosis
  • How to Make Your Story Feel Real
  • Make your own metamorphosis using different techniques
  • To create a 3D design based on your ideas for metamorphosis

Project Aims & objectives

  • Build participants confidence in designing for carnival and festivals
  • Give participants the practical skills to learn
  • Produce print and make a finished piece
  • Work as part of a team to learn the design programmes and applications
  • Give participants the freedom to choose a piece that they are happy to engage in

This event is open to the public.