Literacy and creative writing activity from Magical Story Jars

Just in time for week three of children’s art week we have put together a fun story combination using story cards from our adventure-themed Magical Story Jar. You can also use our free Magical Story Jar themed writing template with space to write and illustrate your story.

We have already sprinkled some of our magic dust over the following three story cards, so is all you need to do is have fun writing a short story and then above your story enjoy drawing an action scene from your story. You can see the specially chosen story cards in the photo (attached):

  • Story character — Anika the busy engineer
  • Story setting — in a lighthouse on a dark and stormy night
  • Story plot — discovered a secret door

Don’t forget to use lots of detail to describe Anika, the main character in your story. What does she find behind the secret door? Is it something good, bad or magical? Give yur story a cool and catchy title. Try and make it intriguing rather than a description of the story. An interesting title will make people want to read your story. Remember that the pictures (sometimes called illustrations) in a story can really help people to feel more connected to it. Never underestimate the importance of your illustrations and keep on drawing!

Your imagination is your only limit. Have fun story makers!

Please do tag @MagicalStoryJars in your creations and along with Children’s Art Week, we will be sure to cheerlead you on!

This event is open to the public.