Craft A Porthole

Reflect on the Windrush generation’s journey from the Caribbean to the UK by making your own ship porthole. Consider what it would have felt like to make such a long journey, and what you might have been able to see as you looked out of the ship’s windows.

This session will take place via Zoom and is aimed at families with children aged 4-11. Please note that any children under 10 will need to be supervised by an adult, and adults without accompanying children will be unable to attend.

To take part in this session you will need a paper plate, scissors, tape or glue, cling film and coloured paper. If you have extra decorations or felt tips, pencils or crayons you might like to have these to hand in case you decide to add extra detail, although this is not essential.

For further information, please email

This event is open to the public.