Creative Critters

John Wesley is most famous for being one of the founders of Methodism, but he was also interested in medicine. At Wesley’s House we planted some of the flowers and herbs John Wesley recommended to use as herbal remedies.

Whilst the Museum has been closed it’s been quieter on our site and some creative critters have taken advantage of the peace and moved into the Physic Garden!

Use your imagination to draw or model one of these critters and share your creations with us!

Clues about our garden to help you:

  • Some parts are shadey
  • There are herbs and vegetables such as rhubarb, beans, onions, garlic, sage and hyssop
  • Some of the plants smell very nice like the lavender and rosemary
  • Sometimes there is rubbish that blows into the front garden
  • The plants in the Physic Garden were once used as medicines or remedies

This event is open to the public.