About the programme

enquire was an exciting national programme of projects that engaged children and young people with galleries, the contemporary visual arts and artists, and associated research. The projects were organised collaboratively by gallery educators, artists, teachers and youth workers. The aim was to explore, assess and articulate the special learning benefits to young people of working with contemporary art and the gallery space. The programme also offered extensive formal and non-formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for all the professionals involved. 

Phase 1, 2004–6 

Phase 1 involved clusters — or research teams — in London, the North East and South East of England. It identified key success factors that build an evidence-base to support the provision of more gallery education, contribute to developing policy, increased resources and good practice in the gallery sector. Research reports from this phase were published in Autumn 2006. 

Phase 2, 2006–8 

Phase 2 involved an expanded consortium of ten clusters across England. Research reports from this phase were published in Autumn 2008. 

Phase 3, 2008–9

Phase 3 comprised twelve projects which used the research from previous phases to develop capacity amongst galleries, partner schools and artists to deliver more and increasingly effective learning opportunities for children and young people. 

Phase 4, 2009–11 

Phase 4 supported galleries and local authorities to develop projects for children and young people in partnership with schools/youth groups and artists. The aim was to explore how working with galleries and artists can address the objectives of children’s services.