Phase 1, 2004–6

In 2004 enquire established three ambitious programmes of gallery education projects and associated research in London, the South East and North East. These involved new working partnerships between galleries and HEIs, each bringing to the programme considerable experience and expertise. These peer groups worked together and with partner artists and teachers developed the research focus for their cluster, the programme of projects to be investigated and the methodology to be employed.

These are ordered by cluster:

London projects

Critical Minds —Whitechapel project
Over the course of a year, young people from two Yr 9 classes at Eastlea Community School in Newham responded to exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery, Chisenhale Gallery and the Museum of Childhood.

Bridges week-long artist residency — Whitechapel project
Artists worked with two year 4 classes at Bigland Green School in Tower Hamlets to look at and make work inspired by the Whitechapel’s ‘Back to Black’ exhibition.

Whitechapel Family Pack — Whitechapel project
359 families have made use of the Whitechapel Gallery’s new Family Pack, which has been designed to help people of all ages engage in work from three exhibitions.

enquire Residency Identity Project— SPACE: The Triangle project
Over two terms, Year 10 students from Stoke Newington Media Arts College en-quire created short films based on their perceptions of identity with resident artist, Kulwinder Bajar.

enquire Residency Social Geographic Study — SPACE: The Triangle project
Students of Stoke Newington School created a video piece with artist Anna Lucas based on individual and group dynamics inspired by exhibitions of Allan Kaprow and Frances Alys’ work.

The Changing Face of London: Joining — Bow Arts Trust project
In their first workshop session, students from year 10 responded to ‘Faces in the Crowd’ at the Whitechapel Gallery through individually creating free standing sculptures.

The Changing Face of London: ‘Schools in View’ exhibition gallery visit — Bow Arts Trust project
Students visited our annual educational show ‘schools in view’ at the nunnery gallery.

The Changing Face of London: Scrap sculpture representing London — Bow Arts Trust project
Students created scrap sculpture to represent their ideas about what characterises London for them.

The Changing Face of London: Focusing on detail — Bow Arts Trust project
Students took and considered how to display 250 photos in the Nunnery gallery along with card maquettes and a PowerPoint display.

Group discussion: Curating the exhibition — Bow Arts Trust project
In this session they reviewed the work they had made so far and made editing decisions in groups.

Curating the Exhibition — Bow Arts Trust project
Students used post-it notes on the gallery wall to explore what an exhibition needs.

Installation in the Gallery — Bow Arts Trust project
The young people worked with artists to design and produce an installation reflecting their experiences of London.

Twilight Project — Chisenhale Gallery project
In order to develop a creative collaboration on an enquire project structure, CPD facilitator, Leanne Turvey led teacher Rachel Jones and Anthony Lam in brainstorming practical workshops.

Extension Project — Chisenhale Gallery project
Artist Eve Peasnall devised eight workshops to develop and test a series of models for teaching and learning in the classroom.

Project 1: Part One — Chisenhale Gallery project
Informed by Twilight Sessions, planning meetings and school observations, artist Anthony Lam developed a project that aimed to shift the way students were learning in their GCSE art class. Pupils visited Chisenhale Gallery’s sculpture installation MEDUSA’S FIRST MOVE: THE COUNCIL by Folkert de Jong, and studios belonging to artists at Chisenhale Art Place Trust.

Project 1: Part Two — Chisenhale Gallery project
Working with the idea of public and private space artist Anthony Lam encouraged pupils to progress from individual and group portraits and slogans to making site-specific artworks in Mile End Park. The pupils spent five full days working in the Chisenhale Gallery Education Studio.

Satellite Project — Chisenhale Gallery project
Artist Eve Peasnall collaborated with four students to explore the school as a site for making artwork through the staging of an intervention.

Exhibition at the Nunnery — Chisenhale Gallery project
The artwork produced from Project 1 and the Satellite Project was exhibited at The Nunnery Gallery.

North East projects

Hidden Rivers: Public Art Education Project — ISIS project
As part of a year-long residency run by Isis, students from five local schools experienced visiting galleries and working with artists leading to their own exhibition of work.

The Big M: Video Art Project — ISIS project
Engaging with the inflatable artists’ film and video venue, The Big M during a six-month period, young people from two local schools participated in curriculum-linked workshops creating a series of videos, which were showcased inside the venue.

School workshop sessions — Phase 1: Hatton Gallery project
Various school activities took place with several local schools led by education officer, Jean Taylor.

School workshop sessions — Phase 1: Hatton Gallery project
A year long series of projects with the excluded unit at Walker Technical College culminating in an exhibition at Hatton of participants work.

What is Live Art? Do the do standing up! — Phase 1: Amino project
As part of What is live art? – Do the do standing up! was a short project put together by Amino and BALTIC with students from Biddick School.

What Do Artists Do? Art at the Gallery — Phase 1: Laing project
A series of workshops at Laing Art Gallery with six local primary schools took place focusing on artists, their inspiration and process.

What Do Artists Do? Artists in the City — Phase 1: Laing project
Two Primary School classes visited Pete Flynn, ceramicist and mosaic-maker, at his studio and engaged in practical activities inspired by his work.

What Do Artists Do? Artists in the Country — Phase 1: Laing project
Four classes visited photographer, Jim Dearden s studio and sculptor, William Pym’s forge. Participants made a wide and exciting body of work in response.

Artist-in-Residence interview day — BALTIC project
Pupils at Grindon Broadway Junior School worked to advertise, select and interview artists for a year long residency in the School.

Phyllida Barlow Masterclass — BALTIC project
Sixth formers from Gateshead and the North East region attended a workshop at BALTIC led by exhibiting artist, Phyllida Barlow.

Notions of Space and Comfort — BALTIC project
Artist Miles Thurlow worked with two classes at High Spen Primary School, Gateshead, supported by a visit to British Art Show 6 at BALTIC.

What is Live Art? Do the do standing up! — BALTIC project
As part of What is live art? Do the do standing up! was a short project put together by Amino and BALTIC with students from Biddick School.

Package Holiday — BALTIC project
Ten young people worked with artists Cath Campbell and Bernadette O’Toole during the summer holidays, 2005 on a three-day course at BALTIC.

Along the Way — BALTIC project
10 A-Level students from Hookergate School, Gateshead, worked with artist James uin on an intensive four-day project.

South East (Sussex) projects

Early Redemption Project — Fabrica project
St Batholomew’s Year 5 class visited Fabrica to experience Early Redemption by Mark Anstee. The children experienced a half-day practical making activity the following day.

Falling — Fabrica project
Year 7 & year 9 of Hazelwick School with children from Sundance After School Club worked with an artist to engage in two exhibitions at Fabrica.

Shutter Speed 2 — Fabrica project
A photography project with young people from UK Youth Parliament (Brighton & Hove).

Impossible Geographies — Fabrica project
Fabrica and a resident artist worked with five local schools and an after-school-club.

Pop Art — Fabrica project
Pupils from St Nicholas and St Mary s Primary Schools worked with an artist to look at the Contemporary collection at Brighton Museum and Art Galllery.

Utopia and the Public Space — De La Warr Pavilion project
St. Richards RC College explored the theme of ‘Utopia and the Public Space’ with architect, Rob Nice.

Utopia and the Urban Environment — De La Warr Pavilion project
Years 8, 9 & 10 of Robertsbridge Community College worked with visual artist Susan Diab and art teacher Graham Buckley, to create visions of their individual Utopian environments.

Utopia: Intervention — De La Warr Pavilion project
Years 8, 9 and 10 of Filsham Valley School worked with visual artist Louise Bristow and English & Media Studies teacher Sandy Parker, taking the street as their public space.

Utopia: Reclaiming Used Materials — De La Warr Pavilion project
Years 9 and 10 at Thomas Peacocke Community College worked with visual artist Michaela Ross and Head of Art Sean Stanbury to create works exploring gender and celebrity using poor materials.

Utopia The Future — De La Warr Pavilion project
Years 9 and 10 at Claverham Community College worked on the idea of a Festival of Britain for 2005 with visual artist Sheridan Quigley and Head of Art Bob Cross.

Utopia: Exhibition — De La Warr Pavilion project
Students of Bexhill High School and Thomas Peacocke School visited the Utopia exhibition of work by young people, and took part in practical workshops responding to the exhibition.

Cross Curricular Art and Music project — De La Warr Pavilion project
KS3 and GCSE Music students worked with a musician and a visual artist to create both visual and musical responses to the exhibition of work by British Abstract Artists James Hugonin & Ian Stephenson

What Do Door Handles Have To Do With Contemporary Art? — The Towner Art Gallery project
In a series of three workshops, Yr 9 children from The Cavendish School worked with artist Lucy Pedlar to map journeys they take in everyday life through intensive drawing. Throughout the project pupils were asked to track themselves in a variety of ways, through obsessive drawing of everyday objects to plotting their route to and around the school for a week.

Starting From A Grain Of Sand — The Towner Art Gallery project
Students of Eastbourne Technology College worked with artist Rebecca Birch to explore motion and scale by means of observation, discussion and practical workshops.

Contemporary Collecting Scheme — The Towner Art Gallery project
Work from the Contemporary Collections Scheme was taken into local schools, where students explored themes with an artist.