Extend alumni feedback

I feel inspired and geared up to make changes. Thank you so much for an amazing and beneficial opportunity. I am excited about the coming year.

This has been a fantastic experience for my own personal development, equipping me with tools to enable others and inspiring me through meeting others and finding out about their experiences. I have a better perspective on my organisation and the context in which I am working.”

I feel that I have gained a clearer understanding of leadership and my role, heard from practical and inspiring speakers and met a fantastic new support group.

Lots of fun with other members of the cohort. Very stimulating – taking away a lot to think about.

Great speakers, great facilitator, great food and accommodation and a great experience for self reflection and confidence building.

It exceeded my aspirations with such a diverse range of inspiring contributors and participants I’ve found the last couple of days extremely inspiring – felt a real shift in my thinking and hope I can take this away with me and use it to inform the way I work and lead day to day.

A fantastic balance of speakers, practical work, getting to know colleagues and reflection. Excellent mix of presentations and groupwork. Every session felt to be good length and not too rushed. Every presentation was spot on in terms of content.

Excellent. Good mixture of subjects and activities but not overwhelming. Amongst best training I have attended.

This is the first course I have been on where I have really concentrated and listened to everything. Each part has taught me many things about leadership – knowledge that I will be able to take with me throughout my career.

What do you know about leadership now that you didn’t know when you applied to Extend?

Leadership; reflection plays a major part in leadership. I wasn’t aware of the depth of thinking that a programme like Extend offers. Having the chance to consider where you sit within the conversation of leadership offered me the chance to question things around me more, about how things are done, why, language, opportunity, progression, democracy and power, practice, who isn’t here, who is etc. . .

I had thought I would journey through a set of core skills for leadership; that is also available, but it is the permission to dig a lot deeper, connect, reflect individually and with your peers, gain confidence and pay a lot more attention to everything around you, speaking up, challenging and asking questions.

Leadership brings many challenges and expectations but I think being clear about what and who you are is key, what you stand for, what is important to you and why. It brings the possibility of interruption and question where needed. To rise up and inspire.

If you could invite up to three people — alive or dead — to speak at an Extend residential who would they be?

Brene Brown — who talks about leadership/vulnerability. Very witty/self depricating and research based.

Michelle Obama — Inspiring leader for women/girls/everyone.

Maya Angelou — I could listen to her all day long. Inspiring

What advice would you give someone applying to Extend?

Take your time/make time to do Extend. it places emphasis on all areas of leadership for you. It is well worth it. It requires that you consider yourself, your practice, your relationship to others, learning and leadership and involves you placing this as a focus to question and reflect. An incredibly valuable learning and development leadership programme.

What do you know about leadership now that you didn’t know when you applied to Extend?

I know that leadership is about being authentic to myself, and that it’s an exciting, ongoing learning process. It’s about working to my strengths and about listening to others. It’s given me a sense of internal strength and increased confidence.

If you could invite up to three people—alive or dead—to speak at an Extend residential who would they be?

Happy to leave this with Extend who find the most remarkable and inspiring speakers! The standard of presentations by many of the speakers at Extend events has been truly world-class. It gives the participants access to fast-track learning and exposure to an opportunity to learn and benefit from others’ incredible stories, experiences and wisdom. It’s incredibly exciting to be part of Extend and to benefit from hearing these speakers.

What advice would you give someone applying to Extend?

Absolutely go for it! You will surprise yourself and will learn a huge amount about yourself that will benefit you tremendously as a person and as a leader-in-the-making.