Fibonacci Inspired Art

Art can be inspired by nature but did you know that maths can be creative too?

In fact, the three are linked more closely than you realise. Take a sunflower, the inspiration for one of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings, if you look closely at the seeds you will spot a spiral pattern. In maths, a sequence of numbers called Fibonacci Numbers form a pattern that makes the same spiral.

Once you recognise the spiral, not only will you be able to identify other plants and fruits that follow the pattern, you will discover it in famous paintings where artists have used the spiral to make their work more pleasing to the eye.

In this activity, you will discover the maths magic behind making beautiful art by exploring the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. You can then use the spiral you have created to produce your very own piece of Fibonacci inspired art! No printer, no problem! This activity is simple to follow and fun for all the family — just paper, pens and enthusiasm needed!

This event is open to the public.