Gallery @ Half Moon – Exhibition Archive Online

As our gallery is presently closed, for each week of Children’s Art Week, you can access a different exhibition from our archive which connects with the theme of that week. Take a look at the images from the exhibition and complete our Gallery Trail. You can also access videos of the artist speaking about their work and how they create it.

Week 1, 29 June: The Natural World

Halfway Home by Georgie Fay

A collection of photographs and prints that explore the notion of home and the everyday journeys we make.

Week 2, 6 July: Connecting across Generations

A Stitch in Time by Deborah Andrews

A collection of intricate machine embroidered works, etchings and digital prints made from observational drawings, that invite you to delight in happy memories of childhood.

Week 3, 13 July: Literacy and Creative Writing

Picture, Letter by Jenny Wright

A playful and contemporary reflection upon the image as language, using the emoji and their expressive capabilities without the need for words.

This event is open to the public.