Garden to Garden

In partnership with Scarborough’s Victorian-era South Cliff Gardens, Invisible Dust is delighted to launch ‘Garden to Garden‘, a programme that will explore the changing ways we see, hear and experience nature; all through the lens of bees.

In these unusual times, as many of us are forced to slow down and stay home, we gain an opportunity to see deeper into our home worlds, and by doing so, realise that we are far from alone within these micro-universes — and in our communities. A garden, be it our own modest patch, window box or our local public green space, offers the perfect setting for some creative exploration that delves deep and close, into the natural world that surrounds us

Led by visual artist Feral Practice (Fiona Macdonald) with the support of sound artist Rob Mackay, in collaboration with a range of scientists and researchers from across the UK, this digital programme will connect a global digital network of people exploring their own green spaces to South Cliff Gardens; an inspiring expanse of sea-facing public gardens in Scarborough which began development in the mid 19th Century.

Through a variety of accessible online engagement activities and a final film celebrating our bees (Available from July 2020), ‘Garden to Garden’ will bring us into creative dialogue with the insects and nature that we coexist with – and depend on. From learning from the Victorians with an Insect and flower Identification guide to going on Micro-Cosmic Journeys and ‘Ento-Sleuthing’ with hand held microscope and more, we will explore how Victoria entomologists learnt about their subjects – and see how it compares with and influences the way we collect data and study today.

This event is open to the public.