GLAM Club – Charles Saumarez Smith and ‘The Art Museum in Modern Times’

It’s simple. GLAM club is like a book club, but for Gallery, Library, Archive and Museum events, initiated by the Engage London Area Group Representatives

Take part by attending a nominated online public event and at a later date we meet as a group to discuss the ideas and issues raised. This is for anyone working in gallery and visual arts education looking to discuss ideas and practices relevant to our sector.

Charles Saumarez Smith and ‘The Art Museum in Modern Times’  on Monday 26 April at 7-8 PM, hosted by Open Courtauld Research Forum has been selected for the next meeting.

In this online event Charles Saumarez Smith will explore questions such as, “How have art museums changed in the past century?” and “Where are they headed in the future?” and will trace a radical shift from a belief that museums can and should instruct and educate, to the idea that museums should be more about contemplation, spectacle and individual experience. Followed by a Q&A with Ernst Vegelin and time for questions from the audience.

Following this event, we will meet on Thursday 29 April, 3.00 – 4.00pm to talk about and share our thoughts and experience of the discussion. This is also an opportunity to share interesting reading or other resources we know about and make new connections with colleagues. Conversation will be relaxed and informal. Come with a cup of tea, biscuits and ready to share your thoughts. 

Please remember to first book your place at the Open Courtauld Research Forum, and then book a place at this GLAM club meeting on the Engage website. 

Both events are free.

Booking on Courtauld website:

Booking with Engage:

For any questions, or suggestions of future events for GLAM Club to attend please contact Anna Murray