Knighton Creatives

Families in Knighton and surrounding areas, explore the natural habitat that surrounds us over three exciting weeks.

Week 1

Take part in a scavenger hunt in the local area. Pick up some natural mediums on the way to use create art and collages.

Week 2 and 3

Produce a nature journal / scrapbook. Get outside to explore nature scientifically, then record nature finds artistically through art and writing.

For the activity pack message our Facebook page or email

During Lockdown grandparents can join in virtually and if they live in different areas they can journal about the nature local to them and talk about the differences. The journal can include photographs, poetry, notes, pressed flowers and other nature finds. We would love to see how nature affects feelings and senses so this would be encouraged. It is our intention that after lockdown we can continue with a nature group and get families out and about together

The rest of the info on speaking with older generations and moving on to the Art journal will all be with this. To get hold of the information they will need to message our facebook page – Knighton community centre or email and this way they can register with us and we can send items to them or links for them to download the information. 

This event is open to the public.