Engage London: Anti Racism Awareness Workshop

Event Title: Engage London: Anti-Racism Awareness Workshop for Museum and Gallery Professionals

Date: Tuesday 24 November  

Time: 15:00-17:00  

Location: Online via Zoom

Number of Attendees: Max. 15  

Event details:  

This Anti-Racism Awareness Workshop will be in three parts:  

Part One – Introduction and Ice-breaker

Part Two – The creation of Racism & How Racism Manifests in the Present Day  

Part Three – Embedding Anti-Racism in Gallery Education

How can we feel supported to deliver anti-racist learning programmes, not be afraid of uncomfortable conversations and embed de-colonial narratives?  

This workshop will guide you through what racism in museum and gallery learning looks like and how we can challenge and adopt anti-racist ways of working.  

About the facilitator:

Jass Thethi is the Managing Director and Principle Trainer of Intersectional GLAM. She founded intersectional GLAM on the principle of Re-imagining Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM sector) through an intersectional lens, by dismantling the historically colonial, heteronormative, and patriarchal collection and exhibition practices. She achieves this through facilitating workshops and online self-led courses on intersectionalglam.org. She can be found at @JassKThethi on twitter.  

Who is this suitable for?  

This workshop is aimed at people working in gallery/ museum education who are freelance/ part-time or early stage career and have not been able to easily access training by their employer. We have kept this a free workshop but ask that if you are interested in joining you submit a response to the following question and commit to attending the session in full.  

If you are booked to attend the event, please ensure you have completed this questionnaire:

Please fill out this questionnaire designed by facilitator Jass Thethi which is a reflective practice for people to gain an understanding of their privileges in the sector before beginning the training:  https://forms.gle/LTJVaDZSSsZchw6J6