Maggie & Rose ‘Our History – The Windrush’

One of the things that makes our Capital city so great is just how diverse it is. London is known to be a melting pot of cultures and traditions that have been passed down for generations defining the place and its people.

In this Maggie & Rose art class, we celebrate an important topic in our city’s, and Britain’s, history as we create an art piece inspired by the Windrush Generation which helped transform London into the city we know and love today. Watch and support your little one to create their very own commemorative masterpiece and connect across the generations as they learn about our British history.

Little ones will need a base for their artwork (the side of a cardboard box works great!), a printout of the Windrush and the flags of the nations of the people that sailed on it, and collage materials for the sea and sky (tissue paper, coloured paper, paint etc… whatever you have at home!).

As they engage in our Maggie & Rose Messy Masters Art classes, even if they are too young to fully engage with the historical learning, they can still enjoy the physical and creative benefits – focussed on collage and expression, little ones are developing their motor skills using fingers to tear and stick, hands to hold paintbrushes, and creative judgment as they construct their masterpiece.

Talking about their work introduces young children to vocabulary such as colours, shapes and sizes. Little ones will gain self-esteem by expressing how they feel, learn about the world around them as well as to make independent decisions and develop their sense of individuality.

This event is open to the public.