Maggie & Rose ‘Splat The Thames’ – inspired by Jackson Pollock

Our Capital city may be a metropolis filled with tall buildings and busy roads, but luckily, there are plenty of pockets of nature to keep us connected to the natural world.

At the heart of nature in London is the very thing the city was built upon, the River Thames. This signature Maggie & Rose ‘Splat’ class draws inspiration from this mighty river and from the famous abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.

Put out the dust sheets…or even better, make this art outside!… and don your painting smock, it’s time to get messily creative as we prepare to ‘Splat the Thames’!

Little ones will need a piece of card or canvas, a selection of watered-down paints, and a paintbrush to create this unique artwork that will be very much their own.

As they engage in our Maggie & Rose Messy Masters Art class, little ones are developing their fine & gross motor skills as they explore different ways to splat paint, as well as improving their hand-eye co-ordination whilst inspiring their creativity & curiosity.

Talking about their masterpieces introduces young children to vocabulary such as colours, shapes and sizes. Little ones will gain self-esteem by expressing how they feel, learning to make independent decisions and developing their sense of individuality.

This event is open to the public.