Make and create

Artists from past to present have been inspired by each other’s work across time. Find out how artists often work together in a studio, and get ideas for creative ways to collaborate as a family, in this new online art tutorial with Bethan Durie.

Take a look at Bridget Riley’s surprising artwork ‘Messengers’, painted on the walls of the National Gallery. Discover how contemporary artists like Bridget Riley have been inspired by painters of the past, such as Georges Seurat and John Constable.

Using colours, shapes and patterns from paintings, sketch, collage or build together as a team of artists. Materials used here include coloured paper, glue, tape and paint. But you can use any other materials you might have like cardboard, newspaper or coloured pencils.

Part of a series of ‘Make and create’ videos suitable for the whole family.

This event is open to the public.