Message on a bottle

The 201 Telephone Box Gallery is in the village of Strathkinness in Fife, Scotland, 3 miles inland from historic St Andrews.

201 Telephone Box Gallery is organising a project during the Children’s Art Week – Connecting across generations, bringing adults and children together through shared activity:

A CALL = ‘Message on a bottle’

School children of all ages and their family members are invited to design a label for a bottle — portraying something about keeping positive and creative in these days of uncertainty.

The label can be created in many different ways: a drawing, a text with a drawing, a drawing as text, one word, one letter…

The labels can be created in any format, using the material you have at hand.

Ultimately, to fit the bottles labels would need to be 8x7cm landscape or 7x8cm portrait.

These measurements are only as guidelines, feel free to contact me to discuss alternative formats. For example — if the label isn’t two dimensional you would have to take a photograph of it and email it in jpg format.

Submit your label

Please email your label to:
Deadline: Rolling deadline, the cut-off date is 2 July 2020. All the submissions will be displayed in the gallery during the week from 6 – 12 July 2020 and photographs will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.


All the participants will receive a specially made postcard of Strathkinness, ready to be posted to a person you haven’t seen for a long time, due to lockdown.

The postcards will be stamped at the oldest post office in Scotland which is in a place called Sanquhar, Dumfries and Galloway, Sanquhar Post Office was first used in 1712 by the aristocracy to deliver messages across the Scottish-English border using mail-runners on horseback.

Postcards will be available to be picked up during the week from 6–12 July 2020, please pick them up, write them and take them back to the gallery (put in a dedicated box) and I will take them to Sanquhar to be stamped and posted for you.

This activity has been supported by Engage Scotland.

This event is open to the public.