Painting, paste, or sketch

Children who are still working from home will be encouraged to create work in their home environment. All work will be shown on our Virtual gallery or/and on Twitter.

We are looking for Children who show a passion for Art and innovative ideas, their work maybe celebrated as ‘Artist of the week’ on our Virtual gallery. We are looking for work of particular quality to form an actual Art exhibition, which will take place when we are through the restrictions of the current pandemic.

Week 1

Using nature as inspiration and artist such as Andy Goldsworthy, Georgia O’Keefe and Henry Rousseau, the children will create a painted canvas, framed sketch or pastel work.

Week 2

Children will use Artists such as Banksy and Vanley Burke as inspiration to take a photograph of street Art or pictures within society that show the connection between people, they could consider how they have communicated with their older relatives over lockdown, they will be encouraged to capture this on camera.

Week 3

This week we are asking children to write a poem about their experience in lockdown, how it made them feel, what they did etc. They will present their work as a painting with words incorporated. It might be that the words are painted on to a canvas; it maybe they create a painted border or/and background or/and make their own frame. We are looking for an Art and creative writing collaborative piece.

This event is open to the public.