Story Making Challenge

Writer and playwright, Jayne Williams, challenges you to create a story.

Watch and listen as Jayne retells her story of The Night the Books Came to Life

Then why not have a go at writing your own story?

Ready to create your own story?

You could write about books coming to life, like Jayne, or maybe it is the characters in the books that come to life and cause chaos amongst the shelves? Your story could be based on true facts about your library or you might want to let us know all about your favourite library?

We’d love to read the stories you create, please share your stories inspired by The Night the Books Came to Life via social media @NottsLibraries on Twitter and Facebook or email

The Night the Books Came to Life was written by Jayne Williams © Dec 2015 for The Spark Arts for Children & Leicester Libraries.

This event is open to the public.