The Earth Project

Covid-19 Pandemic: A Window into Another World

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on people and the planet. Many people are experiencing major disruption to their daily lives, some facing extreme hardship with limited resources and ill health.

Lockdown has disrupted ingrained habits for transport, social and working life, altering behavioural patterns that have become the norm over many years.

The Earth Project team are interested in documenting the impact of COVID on people’s relationship with the planet, capturing its signature on the environment and studying what we, as a global community, can learn from this pandemic that may give us a chance to form a better future for ourselves and our planet.

The Earth Project – Live is our first public project where we are asking members of the public, universities, community groups and businesses from around the world to feed in their thoughts and observations, including sound and images of the environment during lockdown on to a new on-line library and database. The first section of the project [Environmental Signatures of Lockdown] covers areas such as traffic, nature and pollution and each section can be accessed through the below menus under Nature Calls, Lockdown & Pollution and Changes in the Energy Environment.

Nature Calls

Lockdown and Pollution

Change in the Energy Environment

This is a pilot project for us and is a scratch test for a series of engagement programs around the themes of environmental disruption. It is our intention be a neutral platform for the advancement of sustainable Earth stewardship.

The first call [Environmental Signatures of Lockdown] will be open for two weeks and will be followed by calls for Innovative Responses to Global Challenges followed by Better Futures. We are working with a range of community groups, universities, and businesses to analyse these data in order to provide an integrated view of our environment at local to global scales through the lens of the pandemic. The data gathered will be made available for public access (on our website) in the summer of 2020.

Art and Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic associated lockdown has had a major effect on nearly everyone’s lives around the world. Many are looking for light-hearted moments amongst the sadness of the situation and frustration of being in confinement.  Art has been the perfect vessel for this.

The Earth Project – Live welcomes you to be part of the development of an exciting global live art gallery of images created by artists and the public. This will be published both during and in the months following the coronavirus pandemic. We invite you to submit an image on ONE of the following themes:

  1. Elements of your (immediate) captive environment
  2. Memories or feelings you have about the environments you are unable to enjoy in lockdown 
  3. Contrasts in traffic and pollution before and during the pandemic
  4. Thoughts on key environmental challenges we face post-pandemic
  5. Feelings about global energy futures

Our Earth Project team will be receiving help from groups of artists and art societies around the world to choose the best images to display on the website and will make the entire data base available for the public to access on a longer-term basis.

Click here to see the full map of Artist Contributions

Click here to upload your own Artwork

Criteria for all submitted images:

All works must be created two dimensionally (2D) from either of the following:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Collage
  • Printmaking
  • Photography

(Please note: your submitted image must a be high-resolution jpeg. Unfortunately, we are unable to display any poor-quality images).

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