The Space Grotto of the New Neptunists

Drop-in to our pop-up tent in the grounds of Orleans House Gallery for this interactive installation designed for all. Free and no booking required – just turn up on the day.

Visitors will listen, imagine and make, inspired by the planet Neptune and past Richmond residents, Alexander Pope and Gustav Holst.

Participants are invited to become ‘New Neptunists’ and to enter an imaginative space where they become future astro-geologists searching for rare and beautiful rocks in the seas of Neptune itself. Following this imaginative journey, they are invited to take part in a craft session which relate back to the experience.

The installation is a playful re-imagining of Pope’s Grotto, centered around his fascination with mineralogy and mining. The Neptunists were followers of a theory that all rocks had settled out of a large ocean. Another Richmond resident provides the soundtrack. Holst’s beautiful, mysterious and atmospheric ‘Neptune’ from the planet suite plays a part in the experience.

This event is open to the public.