Traineeship opportunity – Project Assistant

Organisation: Rhubaba, Edinburgh

Salary/Fee: £1,000

Dates: March – August 2021

Closing date: Monday 1 March 2021, 10am.

Rhubaba are looking for a Project Assistant to work across their upcoming Maud Sulter project, working collaboratively with the Committee and project lead as they begin to plan a programme of events, publication and exhibition.

The applicant must be based in Edinburgh/Lothians.

About Rhubaba

Rhubaba Gallery and Studios is an artist-run organisation in Edinburgh, located just off Leith Walk. Providing studio space for twenty-two alongside a programme of exhibitions and events, since establishment in 2009 it has been a space dedicated to the dual production and presentation of contemporary art.

We are committed to generating a supportive workspace and a dynamic platform for local and international artists. Rhubaba aims to give early-career artists, new entrants, and graduates the opportunity to produce new work in a discursive environment, work collaboratively with other artist-led initiatives and explore wider debates in contemporary art, as to bringing exciting and challenging works to Scotland.

The programme is shaped by the committee members (At present Khadea
Kuchenmeister, Laura Tully, Lindsay Boyd, Freya Yeates, Reba Martin and Natasha Ruwona) and is funded by Creative Scotland.

How to apply

Send a short description of an event/programme idea in line with your interests. (250 words max.)

Tell us about an online exhibition, artist’s publication, collection, podcast, or film you have seen/watched/listened to recently (150 words max.)

You can apply via Google Form, Instagram @rhubaba or Whatsapp (please get in touch to receive a contact number).

We accept video applications and voice notes.

Supported by Creative Scotland through Engage Scotland.

Engage is the lead advocacy and training network for gallery education. We support arts educators, organisations, freelancers and artists to work together with communities in dynamic, open exchanges that give everyone the opportunity to learn and benefit from the arts. Through our advocacy work and programming, Engage makes the case for access to and resources for visual arts and gallery education across the UK. We believe that, regardless of location or social circumstance, everyone should have access to the visual arts. Engage Scotland represents the Scottish body of Engage members, responding to training and networking needs within gallery education with a Scottish focus.