Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home

As our galleries are temporarily closed, we will be delivering an alternative programme for the time being — ‘Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home’. 

We will be making aspects of our exhibition programme available online, and working with artists to create projects for you to take part in at home. We want to help our audiences feel connected to us and to one another, in artful ways.

We are looking forward to showcasing your creative outputs as part of an open exhibition at Tŷ Pawb, later this year.

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Live Streaming Friday Night Gigs

In the absence of our monthly Live @ The Square live music programme, we’ll continue to provide live music experiences directly to your home via our Facebook page, while adhering to Government guidelines surrounding self-isolation and social distancing. 

Upcoming performances (more to be announced soon):

  • April 10th – Isabella Crowther
  • April 24th – Andy Hickie
  • May 8th – Emmi Manteau
  • May 22nd – Luke Gallagher

Head to our Facebook page from 7.30pm GMT to tune in! 

Family Art Club

While Tŷ Pawb is closed, we will continue to deliver an adapted version of Family Art Club each Saturday morning as part of our ‘Arts at Home’ programme.

Our Family Art Club artists will create downloadable activities, which will be made available via our website and Facebook page, each Saturday.

Download the PDFs below:

Creative Assignments

Sophie Lindsey: Really Wild Lockdown

Sophie invites you to submit short video clips that record your own, or other members of your household’s, behaviour during lockdown, with narration, to create a collective nature documentary which will be exhibited at Tŷ Pawb’s reopening exhibition. Instructions and basic tutorials are available to demonstrate different strategies and camera techniques.

Rhi Moxon: Positivity Press

Participants will be shown how to make DIY publications using practical print and book design techniques.

The publications will capture positive stories and ideas from communities to spread positivity and hope and to encourage interconnectedness during These Strange Times.

We’ll be posting instructional videos with all the info you need to take part very soon!

Jenny Cashmore: Walk with Household Objects

Jenny invites you to liberate a household object from the confines of your home, and to take it with you on a walk. Become part of a playful collaborative art work, where we look to liberate as many household objects as possible between the dates of 25th May and 8th June 2020. At a time when we are all spending more time at home, think about your household objects that never get to leave the house. Help them out! Who needs a dog to take for a walk?  All documentation sent in from participants will be compiled into a collective response that will be shown as part of a group Arts at Home exhibition at Tŷ Pawb.

Coming Soon:

  • Ruth Stringer: Global Village
  • Owain Train McGilvary: Loving Deeply
  • Peter Hooper: Creative Folktales
  • Mai Thomas: Soap Box

Kevin Hunt – ‘face – ade’

To mark the final day of Kevin Hunt’s Wal Pawb commission, we are releasing the basic recipe for his popular ‘face – ade’ drink for everyone to continue making at home.

Download the drink recipe