Phase One Findings

I would say I am more focused now. I intend to go to uni this year. It’s causing me to have to step up a bit and start working intensely on things that need to be completed for my interviews. It’s made me focus more and made me gain a feel for how it would be in the industry itself and what kind of things I’ll be doing in the future. Because prior to this I would have never known

Visual Roots volunteer

Galleries selected for Phase One and the Youth Advisory Group took part in a number of meetings to exchange information and share findings. The project was also externally evaluated by Rebecca Lee, and participants recorded activities in different forms to feed into case studies.

Download some of the initial findings from the project which helped inform the development of Phase Two.

Phase Two and Evaluation

Rebecca Lee was appointed as the external Evaluator of the project for its duration. She developed an evaluation framework for monitoring both the engagement of the young people and the gallery staff, while providing valuable support to the galleries and the team through her visits and interviews. The evaluation of Visual Roots model focused on gathering information directly from project participants and gallery staff and not through observation or assessment. This was mainly done through individual entry and exit interviews. In addition, logs of gallery activity, the Arts Award portfolios of the participants, mid-point and final reports and the peer-to-peer evaluation interview conducted by the advisory group have contributed to the process. This approach allowed gallery staff and participants to express their thoughts and experiences and tracked learning, development and changes that occurred during and as a result of the placement.

Download the full evaluation report here.