Walk This Way with The Dazzle Club

Enjoy an unusual interactive workshop inspired by themes of surveillance and control in the current exhibition by Heba Y. Amin. Join artists and activists The Dazzle Club to learn how to design and make your own wearable apparel to frustrate gait recognition, the technology used to recognise us by movement.

They’ll show you how to use everyday materials to make wearable appendages and shape shifting clothing, in this workshop which investigates the surveillance environment and how to frustrate surveillance tools. This workshop will include a short presentation by the artists on gait and facial recognition and the CV Dazzle approach to surveillance subversion. You’ll be supported to make your own designs and share them in the workshop.

The Dazzle Club is a London-based group of artists-activists performing in public space with dazzle camouflage to challenge new surveillance technologies such as facial recognition and to fight racial bias. The members organise silent walks while wearing assymetrical makeup in patterns to prevent their faces being matched on any database.

Image: Co-founder Evie Price wearing a CV Dazzle facepaint design. Courtesy of Cocoa Laney.

Fee: £5

Date: Thursday 26 November, 7pm

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Accredited?: Yes