Watch this Space

Watch this Space (2004–2011) was a funded professional development programme for galleries, teachers, artists and gallery educators in England. It enabled them to gain first-hand experience of each other’s work to initiate, build and sustain relationships that introduced school students to contemporary art in galleries and offered professional development for teachers, gallery educators and artists.

About Watch this Space

Galleries identified non-visiting schools in their areas and invited teachers to collaborate with them to devise a project related to the curriculum which involved bringing a group of students to visit.

Early career artists and gallery educators arranged school placements with teachers who regularly used galleries in their work, and worked with them to deliver a gallery visit for their students.

Over the seven years of its delivery, Watch this Space placed 129 teachers from 110 non-visiting schools and 15 initial teacher trainees in 80 galleries. 84 early career gallery educators and artists worked with 84 teachers in schools. Over 5,500 school students visited galleries, most of them first-time visitors. Thousands more benefitted indirectly as a result of partnerships formed and sustained, school and gallery resources produced and the professional development of their teachers.

Inspiring Education in Galleries

This publication is based on an evaluation of the enquire and Watch this Space programmes undertaken by Stuart Davies Associates. It looks at changes in professional practice, the development of organisations, partnerships and regional networks, and the impact that working with artists and galleries has on young people, their teachers and other members of the children’s workforce.