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Report: Inspiring education in galleries

This publication is based on an evaluation of the enquire and Watch this Space programmes undertaken by Stuart Davies Associates. It looks at changes in professional practice, the development of organisations, partnerships and regional networks, and the impact that working with artists and galleries has on young people, their teachers and other members of the children’s workforce.

Briefing note: Inspiring education in galleries

Three new advocacy documents featuring case studies from the enquire and Watch this Space programmes are now available in hard copy and PDF format. Read more about the Watch this Space briefing note on working with teachers and initial teacher trainees here.

Watch this Space: galleries and schools in partnership 

The Watch the Space handbook is for teachers, artists and gallery education professionals wishing to work in partnership to deliver exciting education projects in galleries across curriculum subjects. 

It contains case studies by participants in the Watch this Space Programme, 2004–2008, about how they initiated and sustained gallery-school partnerships, complemented by a wide ranging discussion of current gallery education issues. With contributions from a gallery director, Ofsted, teacher training providers and leading gallery education practitioners. 

Used in conjunction with the Watch this Space Toolkit this handbook provides knowledge, ideas and inspiration for anyone wishing to build gallery-school partnerships. 

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Watch this Space Toolkit 

This toolkit draws on the expertise of teachers, artists and gallery educators who have participated in Watch this Space. The information focuses on how to set up successful relationships between schools and galleries, and includes useful resources, bibliography and templates. 

Project reports, case studies and teacher’s toolkits

Project reports are available for Watch this Space 7, Watch this Space 6, Watch this Space 5

Gallery educator and artist educator case studies

Connecting the KS4 and 5 curriculum objectives of a secondary school to the work of a contemporary arts venue — OVADA, Oxford
Watch this Space
Gallery educator: George Mogg

A gallery visit inspiring and supporting KS1 Literacy
Watch this Space 4
Gallery educator: Lindsey Milnes

Weaving Minds: A KS3 art project developed in response to an exhibition of sculpture by Eva Rothschild
Watch this Space 4
Gallery educator: Natasha Morrison

Teaching KS3 Maths through textiles and IT
Watch this Space 4
Gallery educator: Sian Weston, London Printworks Studio

Key Stage 3 science addressed through engagement with environmental art
Watch this Space 5
Johanna Korndorfer, Learning Programmes Manager, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World

A cross curricular exploration of an exhibition by primary students
Watch this Space 5
Katie Orr, freelance artist educator at Gasworks

Supporting creative engagement with textiles and the crafts at KS3
Watch this Space 6
Natalie Kay, artist educator, working with the Royal School of Needlework

Supporting work related learning in the crafts at KS4
Watch this Space 6
Kate Osborn, Participation Manager, Craft Central

Exploring sense of self through art: a KS2 and 3 response to a photography exhibition
Watch this Space 7
Amy Cowperthwaite, freelance artist educator

Introducing sculpture at KS3 through visual art and dance
Watch this Space 7
Ami Hallgarth, Formal Education Co-ordinator, The Hepworth, Wakefield

Gallery and teacher partnership case studies

Art Ambassadors: developing relationships with a primary teacher and secondary head of art at ProjectBase, Cornwall
Watch This Space 3
Georgina Kennedy, Interaction Programmer, ProjectBase

Building opportunities for extended and cross curricular learning with two secondary schools
Watch This Space 4
Alison Cleland, National Glass Centre

Responding to an exhibition through KS4 Dance and ITC
Watch This Space 5
Amanda McLaren, Participation Officer, Quad

Using contemporary art and architecture to address the secondary curriculum for the study of Maths, Design and the Built Environment
Watch this Space 5
Eleanor Farrington, Education Coordinator, Serpentine Gallery

Supporting art and literacy at KS2, with 2 teacher trainees and their mentors
Watch this Space 6
Ronda Gowland, Head of Education, John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton

Supporting work related learning and the diploma in Creative and Media
Watch this Space 6
Amanda Gould, Education and Outreach Officer, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art

Building a sustainable gallery/school partnership with an Art and Design department through KS4 print workshops
Watch this Space 7
Cat Gibbard, Education Officer, Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange, Penzance

Citizenship and textiles at KS4 addressed through the exhibition Fashion Footprints: sustainable approaches
Watch this Space 7
Johanna Korndorfer, Learning Programmes Manager, Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World

Building a sustainable gallery/school partnership to address Craft and Design at KS3
Watch this Space 7
Laura Hilton, Audience Development Officer, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford

Teacher’s Notes

Web resources devised by secondary school teachers on placement at the National Portrait Gallery