When The World Became Quiet

With no aeroplanes, fewer cars, less heavy industry and fewer people during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a brief moment when the world appeared to go quiet. But as we tuned into to this new reality we realised that there was the low hum of lost sounds, of insects, birds and other animals.

We will investigate this very particular and peculiar moment in time through three workshops.

There will be a new workshop every week to either download or join in live on Zoom.

Week 1: Tim Ridley

Tuesday 30 June: Drawing Animals Using a Continuous Line

News reports and social media gave us images of all kinds of creatures venturing into cities and towns the world over. This downloadable activity sheet and film link will concentrate on one particular method for sketching animals from found images.

Week 2 Alice Mahoney

Tuesday 7 July: Exploring imaginary worlds through sound

Join artist Alice live in our regular Tea Cake and Art Zoom session, where soundscapes will help you create landscapes through drawing and collage. This session is intergenerational and you are welcome to invite your Grandma or Grandad along too.

Week 3 Polly Roberts

Tuesday 14 July: A creative writing workshop which will explore how our relationship with the world around us may have changed over the last few months. ‘Imagination firelighters’ will kick-start the process as you dive into nature to discover it’s secrets, merging real life details with those from your imagination.

Dip into the ones you fancy or join us for all three.

We’d love you to share your work with us #ChildrensArtWeek

This activity has been supported by Engage.

This event is open to the public.