Wild & Weedy

A weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted. This series of three online activities are inspired by the artistic practice of Circus member Sadie Stoddart and incorporates the natural world into art.

Sadie uses weeds as a metaphor to explore our relationship with the constructed narrative used by the media to discuss topics of a social, political and historical nature. The similarities in the language used to describe displaced plants and displaced people allow exploration of issues such as control and belonging, to be examined through a different lens.

Trough our ‘Wild and Weedy’ step-by-step guides we will embrace natures’ weeds and celebrate their wild and unique qualities.

Monday 2 June: Dandelion Roar 

Paper plate faces, good for early years (age 3-6).

Wednesday 1 July: Nature’s Paint Brushes

Go wild with foraged plants, accessible for all ages.

Friday 3 July: Paper Weeds

3D paper plants using mono-printing, suitable for older children (age 8-14).

These activity guides will be published on the Circus Instagram, Facebook and website at 10:00 am and we hope to share everyone’s work throughout the week.

This event is open to the public.