Wildlife Capsule

Join our team of scientists and artists as we track and record, in what we call our wildlife capsule, how our climate and planet has changed and is changing.

While we’ve been indoors during lockdown, wildlife has been super active. People from around the world have been filming unusual visits by animals and birds to their homes. They have also recorded unusual levels of bird song and sent them into us. We invite you as young nature detectives to come on board too and be a part of our global wildlife capsule. What have you noticed about the animal world recently?

Q: What can I put into the wildlife capsule?


  • Photographs of drawings, paintings, models, cartoons of animals and birds
  • Photographs, films and sound recordings of animals and birds
  • Animal and bird descriptions, poems, newspaper articles or letters
  • We would like to hear from you. Please send us your contribution and see it on our website, shared with our global community.

Thank you for taking part!

The Earth Project Team

This event is open to the public.