Engage Journal
Issue 27: Exchange: Artists, Young People and Galleries

Spring 2011

Karen Raney

Editorial Advisory Board
Yasmin Canvin / Howard Hollands / Pam Meecham / Catherine Orbach / Veronica Sekules / Jane Sillis

International Advisory Board
Claude Fourteau / Gavin Jantjes / Declan McGonagle / Ken Robinson

Proofreading and assistance from
Laura Cherry and Eileen Daly

Consultation and editorial advice for this issue from
Dr. Emily Pringle, Vivienne Reiss and Barbara Taylor, enquire programme Director. This issue was produced in collaboration with and partly funded by the enquire programme (

Inviting contributions
Contributions are invited for Engage 28, which will focus on the reconfiguration of museums and galleries. In light of current technological, political and funding changes, is this a historic moment for museums and galleries? How are they being reconfigured, conceptually, architecturally and digitally? As engage 28 will be the first issue to be published exclusively online, we also welcome suggestions for exciting ways to make the most of the digital format.

Write to the Editor at:
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Cover ‘Spudtopia’ was an exhibition project with pupils from Thompson House Tuition Centre on the Isle of Wight exploring ‘spudtopian’ visions of future architecture with artist Tim Johnson as part of the enquire programme. Photo: Tim Johnson.

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