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About this issue:

Issue 43 of the Engage Journal is a celebration of the profession and practice of visual arts and gallery education. As the first fully digital edition, the issue celebrates, analyses and tracks the major developments, influences and moments in the sector. It also considers current definitions and motivations of practitioners and organisations, looking forward as much as back across these last three decades.

Profession and Practice has an extended, specially commissioned essay as its heart. Values, Practice, Profession is a comprehensive overview of the key developments, individuals and institutions that have shaped gallery education. Written by Ceri Jones, with significant contributions from Sarah Plumb, it is divided into two parts: Part 1: 20th century and Part 2: 21st century.

Alongside other significant contributions, the Journal has a section entitled Three questions for, which asks a wide and influential set of educators to reveal their influences and aspirations for the future.



Frances Bossom / Terry Chinn / Sarah Derrick / Shaun Featherstone / Lindsey Fryer / Skinder Hundal / Ceri Jones / Jessica Elouahbi Mallard / Janice McLaren / Alnoor Mitha / Gill Nicol / Sarah Plumb / Deborah Riding / Angela Rogers / Michaela Ross / Holly Rumble


With Three questions for contributions from

Kate Adams / David Anderson / Sepake Angiama / Robin Baillie / Debi Banerjee / Carol Dunbar / Sara Greavu / Penny Hay / David Hevey / Amal Khalaf / Mark Miller / Carmen Moersch / Nicolle Nugent / Helen O’Donoghue / Margherita Sani / Nicholas Serota / Veronica Sekules / Rebecca Sinker / Rachel Tranter / Sofia Victorino / Sophia Yadong Hao