Welcome to the Engage Journal Revisited project

Originally titled engage review, the publication we now know as the Engage Journal made its debut in 1996. A slim volume published twice a year, each issue focused on a different topic related to gallery and visual art education, and created a forum where current thinking and practical ideas could be shared amongst those working within the sector.

Since then the publication has covered a myriad of themes, from integrated programming within the gallery (Engage 1) to the impact of regeneration (Engage 17); the adoption of digital technology (Engage 24) to reflections on citizenship (Engage 32). The contents of each issue are chosen through an open-submission process, with the intention that the Engage Journal should represent as many voices and experiences within the sector as possible. 

From November 2018 to April 2019, Engage celebrated the remarkable collection of existing Engage Journal material by inviting sector colleagues to select significant and/or memorable articles from the archive. These are available here for anyone to access and download, members and non-members alike.