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News Item

Huffington Post blog: Why we need to treat students better and make arts education a priority on the election agenda

By Jennifer Tuckett, Course Leader, MA Dramatic Writing, Drama Centre London, Central St. Martins

Last week I was fortunate to be invited to speak in Parliament on the subject of what is the future of education.

Many interesting points were raised at the meeting but the most common point that came up was that we need to treat our students better.

At school level, students are going to suffer from the cuts schools will implement to deal with funding cuts, and are particularly likely to lose specialist subjects like art, drama or music as they are not part of the EBACC.

For example Malcolm Trobe, leader of the Association of School and College Leaders, recently said: “The fact is that reduced budgets mean fewer staff and this in turn means larger class sizes, reduced GCSE options and cutbacks in support services and enrichment activities”.

At university level students are also suffering - I teach students who are doing not only part but full time jobs around their studies to earn enough to pay their tuition fees now grants no longer apply.

However, at the same time, at the meeting in the House of Commons and in the media, creativity has been discussed as being key to jobs of the future as more jobs look to become automated.

Similarly, at the meeting, it was discussed how cutting arts education means students are losing key skills like empathy and questioning the world around them and coming up with new ideas.

Read the full blog post here.

Posted on 4 May 2017

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