Our members

Visual arts engagement professionals are:

Creative catalysts — working with artists, curators, and the community to enable the public to have contact with artworks and practising artists

Audience champions — representing schools’ and communities’ needs and expectations in the gallery or museum

Education professionals — using the visual arts as a tool for learning

Access and inclusion experts — understanding and planning for the needs of different users, including different learning styles and cross-curricular opportunities

Advocates and project managers — promoting and delivering projects and programmes and campaigning on arts and education policy

Visual arts engagement can:

Promote visual literacy — helping people develop the tools and vocabulary to experience and respond to art

Unlock creativity — stimulating people to explore their own creative potential, to make art, and to pursue careers in the creative industries

Bring cultural empowerment — building people’s confidence with and understanding of artists, galleries, arts centres, art museums.

Do you bring people and art together? Become an Engage member today.

If you are working or studying in visual arts engagement and participation, then we are your professional membership organisation.

We work to ensure everyone can engage with visual arts in ways that enrich their lives. We welcome everyone, whether you are based in the UK or abroad, working freelance, within an organisation or studying.

There has never been a time when collective voices are more needed to protect our profession. The visual arts are being devalued and removed from the school curriculum and facing funding cuts in universities. Arts organisations and galleries are facing severe funding challenges at a time when many people across the UK are realising just how important the arts are to their wellbeing and sense of belonging.

As an Engage member you will be joining a movement of artists and practitioners who share excellent practice, support and encourage each other and bring about positive changes through our collective voices and influence. You can meet your peers at our regional and special interest meetings and via our new exclusive online forum. You will have the latest news and research delivered into your in-box every week and be able to book onto a rolling programme of training, events, networking and conferences. You will have a library of specialist research at your fingertips through the back catalogue of the Engage Journal as well as accessing each new edition as it is published. You can also unlock a range of discounts at galleries across the UK and receive other privileges like early bookings and discounted training.

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