Early Career + Freelance offer

From: £4.25 every 2 months for 24 months

Enjoy 2 years of Engage Membership for the price of 1 year



In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this offer has been extended to include Freelancers and Students.

Early Career members must be within 5 years of starting a career in visual arts or gallery education. This offer also applies to current students at College or University.

Offer ends 1 June 2020 and applies to new members only.

Members receive free and discounted places to Engage networking events, peer-led training and workshops, including Area Group meetings in regions across the UK — the perfect way to make connections and build your knowledge of the sector.

Members also receive free access to the Engage Journal, a twice-yearly publication that provides vital insight into current thinking on relevant subjects. In addition to exclusive access to job advertisements and sector event listings, our members receive weekly updates on the latest news, events and resources through our e-bulletin.

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